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I could sit here and list 100 reasons not to kill yourself but I know you'd find an retort for them all. I know the darkness that is enveloping you right now. Trust me I do. And so I'll leave you with don't kill yourself. Please don't.


I’m sorry. I really really am. I feel like I’m letting you all down. But I’d feel even worse if I kept living. I’d just keep making mistakes and fucking things up, and then you guys would all leave me, and I can’t deal with you guys leaving me, as well as my “friends” abandoning me. I’m sorry.

Too much effort to keep sending you messages as an anon… I sent you this one, but just go on your blog and look at all the anons that have messaged you today. I’m not going anywhere. And I doubt they will either. You’re afraid of us leaving but you’re going to leave us… I won’t lie and say things will be fucking peachy in a year I’ve been battling for 9 years. But I wouldn’t change it. It’s made me into a bad ass fighter and those moments with my friends where I make them smile and laugh and I wonder what they’d be doing if I wasn’t here. Or moments like right now where I’m here to tell you to hang on, that even if it feels like a fucking eternity before things change, they do change. If you won’t fight for yourself I will do what I can to fight for you. The only way you can let me down is by killing yourself. Then we’ll all be here wondering if we did enough if we somehow failed you or let you down.


Alyssa just handed me a coffee cake but was also holding a diet coke so I grabbed that too since I’m pretty much the only person I know (besides Desi and Gabi) who drinks the stuff
Apparently it wasn’t for me
And now I’m laughing hysterically because I’m an idiot

You’re an asshole

I haven’t eaten in like 2 days surprise surprise but I was hot at work and felt like I was going to pass out so I said to one of my coworkers man I haven’t eaten lately I’m going to make something really quick and she goes don’t worry its not like you’re going to disappear… Thanks bitch…